Education Training Collective has a robust and experienced leadership team, headed up by Phil Cook, Chief Executive and Group Principal, who is responsible to the Governing Body.

The organisation structure below (click to enlarge) provides more detail.

Flow chart showing structure of our senior managers.
Organisation Chart – Senior Post holders

Budget holders (as above) and Heads of Department (curriculum)
Head of Department – Health, Early Years, English and Maths (RCC)
Head of Department – Prince’s Trust
Head of Department – Construction, Professional and Service Industries (SRC)
Head of Department – Construction, Engineering and Service Industries (RCC)
Assistant Principal – English, Maths, ESOL, Hospitality and Alternative Provision (SRC)
Assistant Principal – Health, Childcare, Education and Creative (SRC)

Heads of Department (service)
Interim Group Head of Student Services
Group Head of Information and Examination Services
Head of Executive Support Services
Group Head of Apprenticeships
Group Head of IT
Group Head of Commercial Development
Group Head of Pre-Employment Skills, Projects and Partnerships
Group Head of Finance
Group Head of Estates
Group Head of HR
Student Services Manager Curriculum and Student Support
WBL and Logistics Manager
Group Examinations and Accreditation Manager
Student Services Manager Safeguarding and Welfare
Group Head of Learning Support
Group Head of Marketing & Recruitment

Quality and Compliance Manager
Head of Department NETA
Commercial Training Manager

GMT (as above) and Curriculum
Group High Needs Manager
PAL Access (SRC)
PAL Health, Care (SRC)
Sports Centre Manager
PAL Construction and Engineering (RCC)
PAL Business and Professional (SRC)
Year 13 Manager
PAL Service Industries (RCC)
PAL Childcare (SRC)
PAL English, Maths and ESOL (SRC)
PAL Health, Early Years and Access (RCC)
Bede Quality and MIS Manager
PAL English and Maths (RCC)
PAL Service (SRC)
Year 12 Manager
PAL Sport and Public Services (Bede)
Cross College WBL Functional Skills Co-ordinator
PAL Construction (SRC)
ABTA Growth and Development Manager
Alternative Provision Manager

Group Learning and Teaching Development Manager
Group Student Recruitment Manager
Group Learning and Resources Manager
Apprenticeship Compliance Manager
Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
Site Manager
Group Web and Compliance Manager
Group Learning Technology Development Manager
Business Development Manager
Group Assessments and Standards Development Manager

In line with Data Protection Principles, we do not publish the names of non-Senior managers. The headings and job titles above will give you a clear picture of how our management personnel are structured within the organisation.