Etc. is committed to growing and diversifying the range of courses it delivers to widen participation, deliver to niche markets, engage in new and emerging markets and meet the regional and local economic development agenda.  In order to achieve this, the Group has taken the strategic decision to subcontract part of its provision to partner organisations who can demonstrate high quality delivery.

Subcontracted partners will be expected to meet Etc.’s quality assurance standards with the Group being committed to supporting, developing and sharing good practice and professional development of staff through quality reviews, operational meetings, observations of teaching and learning and learner and employer feedback. As with college directly delivered activity, stretching retention and achievement rate targets will be set for all Subcontracted provision.

Upon commencement of the subcontracting process, Etc. will consider a Business Case Proposal to ensure that the subcontracting aligns with the aforementioned activity principles.

Each subcontractor that works with the group has a specific rationale for how its provision fits with the groups strategic priorities and benefits young people or adults. This rationale is detailed in the ‘Learning Provision Sub-Contract Agreement’ for each subcontractor, which is reviewed annually. We will ensure that:

  • The proposed delivery is in the best interests of learners and employers;
  • The proposed delivery has a clear strategic fit with our mission, objectives and values;
  • The provision can help to enhance the opportunities available to young people and adults;
  • The provision plays a part in filling gaps in niche or expert provision, or provides better access to training facilities;
  • The provision supports better geographical access for learners;
  • The provision can offer an entry point for disadvantaged groups;
  • The provision is inclusive of individuals who share protected characteristics;
  • There is sufficient expertise within the Group to quality assure the provision;
  • There is sufficient staff resource in support areas to administer the processes;
  • The Subcontractor is approved by our due-diligence process;
  • There is sufficient funding available within our funding contract;
  • The Subcontractor agrees to work within the terms of our contract;

The Group’s Subcontracting, Supply-chain Fees and Charges Policy details the services the Group will provide when subcontracting to delivery subcontractors and how we determine the associated costs involved in doing so.

If you have the required quality, track record of delivery and would like to discuss becoming one of our delivery partners, contact Samantha Curd on 01642 865549 or email